Project Management

The IT industry on the whole has been a dismal failure at Project Management. Why? Usually because those who should make the decisions are fed incorrect information; most consultants are reluctant to bring bad news because as in the old days, the messenger is often shot when the message is not good news.

At Knowledge and Objects, we welcome the projects that seem doomed to fail, or are at the brink of failure or are substantially over time and budget. We will perform triage on your project and provide you with options. We will work with your methodology either as a constraint or as a knowledgeable partner that would be happy to expose its strengths and weaknesses; what we do not do, is keep the truth from you. As true partners we can exploit each other’s strengths. Our staff have the consultative skills to solicit the requirements from your staff.

What do you need to do? Other than contacting us, is to be prepared to provide your requirements to the project team where they are not generic.