Custom development

Application Development

Success breeds success. The only reliable determination of application development success is to give the project to a team that has achieved success. The only way to prevent project failure is to engage a team that knows their limitations and the limitations of technology and will push back when the requirements cannot be accomplished within the time and/or resources available.

Knowledge and Objects’ staff, have built a reputation for success and have declined 6 figure projects when a viable project plan could not be created. We are methodology agnostic, and will work with your methodology, if required. Our preferred approach is to review the project’s need vis-a-vis long-lived documentation, reporting, architecture and the other factors; then recommend the appropriate subset of the entire Systems Development Lifecycle.   When asked to we recommend Agile development principles and practices.


Web 2.0 Collaboration suite

Read our recommendation Web 2.0 Collaboration best practices and then press here for an initial estimate. No tied services unless you request us to operate the website.