Condo Management System

List of Features

–          Booking the elevator on a certain day/time.
–          Booking the Guest Suite (for one or more days)
–          Booking the Billiards Room (for one or more hours)
–          Booking the Theatre ((for one or more hours)
–          Events calendar e.g schedule a board meeting, maintenance or repair events
–          Posting information
–          Condo Management contact and hours
–          Location map of Building
–          Photo galleries of building and facilities.
–          Condo building layout
–          Condo unit floorplans
–          Recreation features – layouts, pictures, information
–          Condo declaration
–          Condo rules and by-laws
–          Standard info for tenants re. mail, garbage, alarms, recycling etc.
–          Shared recreation facilities and rules
–          Energy tips
–          Fire Safety tips
–          Board duties
–          Rules/guidelines when you run for the board
–          Unit owners’ rights and responsibilities
–          Blog postings by management
–          Search capabilities

–          Pages will be secured to allow only required access e.g. public, residents, condo board members etc.

eMail accounts

eMail accounts as required.

Storage space:

Unlimited for condo related documents and condo building photo galleries. Included in monthly fees.

Optional add-on: – Recommended

  • Daily backups $5 /mth Included in quarterly bills

End-of-life Options:

  • Database export
  • Archive of entire production environment


Minimal one-time fee on startup. Plus monthly fee/s.


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