Agile/Scrum training and mentoring

Agile/Scrum Development Lifecycle – 1 day course

A traditional classroom course which prepares a team for Agile/Scrum development

Agile/Scrum Fast-Start Workshop – 1 day course

This course skips all of the formal presentation methods, it is entirely hands-on. We cover the entire life-cycle of an Agile project. At the end of this training the team members know what, who, when and how.

The course includes a Q and A session at the end to answer the most difficult questions including how to deal with odd situations.

Agile/Scrum Overview for Executives – 2 hours

scrumcycle_1This is the course for busy executives to learn what, who, when and how. It is fast-paced and questions regarding real world challenges are encouraged.

Contact us for additional details including mentoring rates and availability.